Personal Monitoring Service
The centre has necessary equipment, well trained and competent staff for monitoring of all occupational exposed workers in the Ghana. This ensure the safety of all occupationally exposed workers.

Calibration of Radiation Detection Instruments
Radiation detection instruments such as contamination monitors, radiation survey instruments and ionization chambers from medical facilities, industries, mines, research educational institutions are calibrated at Secondary Standards Dosimetry Laboratory.

Non Ionizing Radiation Protection
The centre undertake safety assessment of facilities using non-ionising radiation such as radiation frequency fields, microwaves, ultra violet and sound.
The centre also undertake monitoring of FM and mobile phone base stations as well as other cell sites to ensure compliance with ICNIRP and National recommended levels.

Instrumentation and Repair of Electronic equipment
The centre has the requisite manpower and tool to undertake maintenance and repair of several electronic and scientific equipment. The centre also provide ICT services

The centre collaborate with state institutions like Ghana Standard Authority, Food and Drug Authority, Environmental Protection Agency and the Customs Division-Ghana Revenue Authority

The centre has future plans to start the following services


These measurements are performed for the following purposes:

  • Qualitative and quantitative determination of a potential radiological contamination
  • Radiological assessment of scrap metals
  • In-situ characterization of materials and

Characterization of places during decommissioning activities